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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 26, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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finally for you, the miniature golfer that is amazing his parents and all of us.
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you might be seeing this tiny guy at the masters in two or three decades. at 17 months, he's swinging a golf club like a champ. look, he hardly ever misses and really packs a punch. he even hits them on the run. his mom calls him peanut and says he was fascinated with the game before he could even walk or talk. >> that kid is good. >> he is amazing. keep (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> it's the 40th anniversary of roe versus wade. the monumental supreme court case that gave women the
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right to choose to have an abortion. but decades later the controversy of the decision continues. and today both pro and pro choice activists rallied in san francisco. tens of thousands of demonstrators descended upon downtown san francisco and kron 's alecia reid was there to hear from both sides. >> reporter: that's right vicki, women are standing up all over the bay area to protect their right to choose. people from both sides rallied today. first stop, justin herman plaza. pro choice protestors were making their voices heard >> across the country 70% of people believe in row, so i'm optimistic we're gonna continue to move forward. >> reporter: it was 1973 when the supreme court recognized a woman's right to choose an abortion. this sea of people believe a medical decision should be made between a woman and her doctor.and say they each have to do their part to protect that choice. (sandra fluke, pro choice lawyer) >> we have to keep defending row and defending the rights of women to make
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their own decisions on their bodies legally, but there's also a more profound fight about access and affordability and insurance coverage and about making sure that people especially in rural areas have access to it. >> reporter: advocates say the threat in the state of california is services, and preserving those services under the budget. as they take to the streets and defend their right, they think about other states that are not as fortunate. (sally lieber, state assembly silicon valley) >> we can't expect other states where choices are more threatened than it is here in california, if we aren't willing to take to the streets and defend. >> reporter: access to contraception is an issuesomething sandra fluke says both sides should come together on. >> even people that have disagreements about abortion access. we should all be able to make sure that women have access to the contraception they need, so that they can choose when to start their families. >> reporter: while that pro choice group of people gathered at justin herman plaza, tens of thousands of pro-lifers filled civic center.
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these people say "let god plan parenthood". they want to 'stop abortions'. they believe life starts at conceptionlauren and scott frybarger are expecting their first child and say god gave them the gift of life and they're embracing it. >> all life is a precious gift from god and i think that god has blessed me with this child so it would be selfish if i destroy that innocent life that he's blessed me with. >> reporter: marching down market streetsome with children in tow feel life is beautiful, and each one is a blessing. >> every baby deserves to live. because you can't see a baby doesn't mean they are not human. human life starts at conception, and god has commanded us to respect life until our natural death and not interfere with that. we pray that will happen in our country one day. >> we're here to save the innocent lives of babies because they're being brutally murdered
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>> reporter: of course this is a very sensitive topic. after 40 years the debate on both sides continues. these rallies were set at different times at separate locations in the city. at no time did they cross paths. alecia reid kron 4 news. take a look at this youtube alecia reed kron 4. >> video that was posted yesterday. it shows san francisco police aggressively detaining a man just outside the 24th street bart station and it has some wondering if the officers used excessive force. kron four's jeff bush explains what lead up to the altercation and got reaction from s-f-p-d. >> reporter: san francisco police on motorcycles are seen in this shaky cell phone video as they appoach an 18 year old suspect. according to police the man was fighting with another man prior to the recording. the police say the man in the video walked away from officers when they told him to stop. (albie esparza, san francisco police) >> use of force is never
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pretty but california law does allow a law enforcement officers to use whatever force is necessary to make an arrest. in this case you see the officers holding down the suspect until reenforcements arrive. >> reporter: including holding a suspect down on the pavement like you see in the video. police say it looks bad but the officers in the video arrested the suspect by the book. >> in the video you see the suspect being held down. we want to make sure we contol the suspect for their safety and the officer's safety. the other officer is trying to handcuff the other officer is trying to handcuff the individual who is resistingnot being able to handcuff them. >> reporter: what is not seen in the video is a large crowd beginning to form. at that point several officers show up to help dispurse the group. police say they understand the video can be disturbing to watch but say that an officer can use force to detain a suspect. the suspect was sighted and released for resisting arrest. i'm jeff bush at the hall of
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justice in san francisco, kron four news. . >> two people were rescued near the golden gate bridge this afternoon. after a barge and a tug boat collided with a sailboat. the coast guard says the crash caused the sailboat to sink. the victims were taken to a nearby station and were checked out. they were later released. >> streets in san francisco's north beach neighborhood have been reopened after a suspicious package was removed earlier this afternoon. people were evacuated and streets were shut down around vallejo and stockton. while a bomb squad took the package to a remote location. and deemed it safe. authorities have not said what was inside the package. >> power has been restored to nearly two-thousand of p- g-&-e customers in san francisco after a large banner fell from a plane onto power lines. it happened in the south of market and china basin districts. fire crews were called shortly before noon after reports that the fallen banner became tangled with the power lines. no one was hurt. these are pictures taken by one of our viewers. crews worked for hours to restore electricity in the area. power was fully restored by five-thirty this evening.
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a scarred rock and a broken tree remained at elysian field drive and ironwood in the oakland hills where a stolen suv being chased by the chp crashed killing a nineteen year old man. he was one of seven occupants of the vehicle which lead the highway patrol on a high speed chase on highways 80 and 580 at two am saturday morning. >> it was an suv in el cerrito. how a crime in el cerrito that police were chasing ended up here? there were a number of police departments, there were fire trucks they mentioned that there were injured and a fatality. people were naturally concerned about their safety. >> reporter: four other passengers were injured and two fled on foot, one of which was captured. >> the san francisco 49ers
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are getting ready for new today, the team held it's final practice at it's headquarters in santa clara. kron four's philippe djegal joins us now with more on the squad's super bowl sunday expectations. philippe. >> reporter: the 49ers' organization has never been to a super bowl that it hasn't won. so, the team says they fully expect to bring home the franchises sixth super bowl title. this time around. colin kaepernick is the quarterback. he says he believes in this team. and, he believes in himself. when asked if he believed he would be the super bowl starter when he took over for alex smith mid-season. quarterback colin kaepernick says. >> i am hoping so. >> reporter: kaepernick says he likes the spotlight. he's just trying to stay focused on the prize. and, stay sharp for the big game. >> you just have to prepare. when you are prepared, you'll be confident. >> reporter: >> reporter: after quarterback alex smith suffered a concussion. kaepernick went from a back- up to starter. but kaepernick says there has never been bad blood
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between the two men. and, that smith has been very supportive. >> it means a lot. i think that it shows his character, that type of man he is. he has helped me from of the first week until now. >> we are so happy for his success and the kind of man that that his parents are least. his family, hometown and college coaches. this is his . >> reporter: as for those now famous tatooes on his arms. kaepernick says he does have a favorite. that holds special meaning. >> the one on the inside of my arm that says my gift is my curse. because i am and it n f l quarte but there are a lot of the fittest. but at the same time you are under a lot of scrutiny >> reporter: one thing fans
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are hoping he can do. is bring home another championship to san francisco. tomorrow. we will have a crew standing by at the airport. when the 49ers take off to new orleans and super bowl 47. we will also have continuing live coverage in new orleans throughout the week. leading up to the big game. we have a crew heading out there as we speak. for more information check out as well as our facebook and twitter feeds. vicki. >> owners of local bars don't want to see a repeat of vandalism by rowdy fans celebrating like what happened after the giants won the world series. we hear from them coming up. but first. weather! we do have some showers but otherwise times for cooler. just in the 50s although we made it to 60 degrees in oakland these numbers are down about five, 10 degrees over what we had yesterday. we are going to remain cool.
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as we have some stormiest through california some showers to the north. near amanda seymour, here ricand meng know and eureka livlight showers possible with just 20-30 m.p.h. wind speeds. some clouds and clearing with another sunny day tomorrow. cool and breezy. how warm it is going to get. >> another bay area gun buy how much san mateo officialsacross the nation. activists stricter gun control laws. changes they say gun issue with. plus. it could be democrat versus democrat on capitol hill as some democratic lawmakers balk at the president's gun control proposals. we explain why.
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>> the mission district of san francisco is a traditional neighborhood for rowdyng big sports events and was the site of a lot of vandalism following the world series. kron four's jeff bush spoke with merchants in that district who say they do not want to see the same kind of damage if the niners win. >> reporter: the drinks were flowing as usual at the mosto bar on vallencia. the mayor has politely asked that bar owners do not overserve their customers on super bowl sunday. telmo faria says his employees have already been told to watch out for patrons who go over we have made it a point to speak to our bartenders and all the people responsible for serving alcohol that day to really be concious of who they are serving it to and if people get to the point where they should not consume it anymore and if they get out of hand we are going to cut them off. >> reporter: this is what
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mission shopkeepers do not want to see againhundreds of rowdy people in the streets. dema grim says she will be holding her breath next sunday. >> i think football fans can take it up to a notch above baseball fans and it's often not even fansjust people looking for a chance to wreak havoc. >> reporter: dema says she hopes there are a lot of cops on duty come sunday. >> dema just having more police presence out on the streets whether it's beat cops or bicycle cops to stop graffiti and vandalismi think that is the smartest >> reporter: merchants here in the mission district say they are just as excited as anybody else about the 49ers run to the super bowl but say that regardless of how the game turns out they hope people don't come here and trash the neighborhood. i'm jeff bush in san francisco, kron four news. >> assault weapons and shotguns filled the san mateo event center today as county authorities held a gun buy-back program. kron four's mike pelton shows the driving force behind the large turnout.
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>> the turnout was so big that they had to open early. >> my broke a million pieces into those children and parents >> i knew that i had to get rid of them. >> she came to the gun buyback and she was not the only one. hundreds lining the streets in some a ride several hours before. >> a hand gun. >> a 32 and a rifle. >> i will get it the money for a tax preparer. >> they each received $100 for a gun, and $200 for an assault rifle. >> sometimes i ask is this symbolic? and it is usually
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an absolutely not answer. jackie is hoping for a less violent future but there is lack of evidence that a gun buyback means of there will be fewer crimes committed. >> for every one begun in it means that we are seeing one potential for a death, murder. >> reporter: that is exactly why she is here. >> i do not want any threats or harm to come to my family at all. >> reporter: with that and a couple of hundred dollars in cash and not a bad morning the san mateo county sheriff collected nearly 700 guns today as part of the gun buy back program with more than 63-thousand dollars in cash handed out during the event. >> from san francisco to capitol hill. thousands of people took to the streets all across the nation today in support of president obama's gun control initiatives. chris mozingo introduces us
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to demonstrators in washington calling on congress to support the new proposal. >> we need to be heard. >> reporter: lori bennett is not accustomed to events like this. this is her first demonstration. >> "newtown just tore my heart out. honestly didn't feel this emotional since 9- 11." >> reporter: marching behind a banner that says, "when we stand together, we stand a chance". some demonstrators targeted the n-r-a with their signs, while others held up names of gun violence victims. across the street, a counterdemonstration. dick heller was there. >> "it's a dangerous city when people are disarmed." both rallies come a day after vice president joe biden hit the road to promote the president's plan for new firearm laws. several high-powered speakers addressed the crowd at the gun control march. but perhaps the most powerful testimony came from colin goddard. a survivor of the 2007 massacre at virginia tech. >> "we need to challenge any politician who thinks it's easier to ask an elementary school teacher to stand up
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to a gunman with an ar-15, than it is to ask them to stand up to a gun lobbyist with a checkbook." (cheers & applause) >> reporter: the independent firearm owners association president says gun violence won't be solved with a ban. >> "what is going to be the impact on the future ban of those magazines and guns on criminals or crazy people? zero. nada." >> reporter: but lori bennett hopes for better odds than that. >> "the bottom line is, we can't prevent all the violence, but if adam lanza went into that school without all those bullets, lives would've been saved." >> reporter: i'm chris mozingo reporting. kron 4 news. >> mostly clear. we do have some chilly temperatures. with gusting winds it is making it feel even colder
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between 20 and 30 m.p.h.. gusting at 20 m.p.h. and half moon bay. and oakland. mostly clear skies and the gusting winds. there could be a light shower. some clouds early but otherwise lots of sunshine. breezy winds and temperatures in the mid '50s. we are a bit cooler. as record towards next week we will see the sunshine and dry conditions prevailing gradual warming temperatures. here is futurecast. notice the green on your screen it. with the whites and that there are some passing clouds for tonight. maybe a sprinkle but by 8:00 a.m. everything is out of here. sunshine for the day and there will be
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breezy conditions. maybe when the wind speed could be 20 m.p.h.-30 m.p.h.. this second system will be pressing towards us with the rain/snowfall. as it moves towards the bay iraq it will dissipate. for monday morning, we could see a round of sprinkles or brief showers. to start things off for tomorrow mid 30's. upper 30s in the east bay, 40's for the bay side. the highs for the afternoon 50s. here is your kron 4 7 day around the bay a prolonged period of dry weather once again. we could see a shower early. otherwise, sunshine for the week with a gradual warming temperatures for the 60s by thursday, friday. we will be back.
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>> president barack obama's new gun control proposals may have not just the republicans in capitol hill up in arms. some of the president's fellow democrats are taking issue. these democrats are from largely rural states with strong gun cultures like montana. alaska. and arkansas. for now they aren't sure what to think about obama's new proposal and are not going to support it at this time. these lawmakers could potentially keep the new legislation from reaching a the senate judiciary committee begins hearings on wednesday. >> coming up people behaving badly
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>> last year right around january 2 we got hit it was about 4:30 in the afternoon a car went through the stop sign a bunch of young kids they hit another car plowed through them and hit the pole and came though my yard and into my house >> felix lives at the corner of western and sunset in unincorporated hayward know ans cherryland wehre here it's acytally and 6 way stop that is separated by this set of train tracks, but according to felix rarely any one stops. in fact they hit my fence about three or four times >> so here is the part of the problem, see this black utility truck the driver has a stop sign on the other side of the tracks
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once he crosses the tracks he has a the right of way in other words he dosent have to stop however driver that do have to stop often don't and you get a lot of near misses and in somes cases collisions it wasn't hard to see drivers blowing through stop signs but there was one thing i did notice, when i stood in plane view with the camera a lot of the drivers were model citizens however if i was not cleary visible all bets were off, like this silver suv for example
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first the driver rolled the stop sign then watch this the driver begins his left hand turn at the tracks insteas of at the intersection crossing over the double yellow lines this according the residents was a quiet day, so it might be worth returning when it busier maybe with some cith workers that have ticket books in unincorperated hayward stanley roberts kron 4 news
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>> we are just eight days away. if your not going to go to the game? you can see it right here on kron 4. and j. r. stone has the latest. >> the made the cover of sports illustrated and part of the biggest comeback. they are headed to new orleans and the bbc. they will leave their practice facility at noon of mixed cameras. there will expect to meet with a circus of the
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events before the super bowl. monday, we get closer to the action as the go to orleans. tuesday, they will take to the field. but they will be talking. and they will answer questions about their favorite food and movies. and kron 4 willleans crw as they provide coverage. friday, it is all about the coaches. they are expected to speak at a conference. and saturday, they will make their chance to have one chef from each of the 32 nfl cities. and super bowl
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sunday. the 49ers will ride in the morning and they will prepare for the 330 kickoff against the ravens. j. r. stone, kron 4 news. the 49ers star quarterback grew up not too far from the bay area. rage. we're now just 8 days away from the super bowl. and while that may sound close. ahead of n-f-l festivitiesif you're not heading to the it is kaepernick fever in when it comes to the 49ers star quarterback. no place may be prouder than the small town where he grew up. stephanie cruz tell us what some turlock businesses are >> called time pastries has been around for three decades-old to time pastries. old timed pastries with no. 7, and they're flying off the shelves. >> with creative ways. >> it is nice to see that people are overwhelmed by it. >> downtown, they
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have passed for their best combination of the foot longs hot dogs. >> this has an 69,000 people. all of this :kaepernick success has made life vest like 'footers'.. like best. not just how you eat it but what is on it. >> you need both hands for this. kaepernick is given his home town of some new light. >> you never realize that you would be realized. some new-life. >> it is even sweeter when you can almost taste the super bowl. >> the weather looks good. mostly clear skies and as we step outside it is chilly. not only our temperatures dropping but it is also chile. for tonight, the wind
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will continue but mostly clear. a slight chance of sprinkles. otherwise, to ride. we could see some clouds but sunshine throughout the day. sunny skies and temperatures dropping with breezy wind. perhaps even 20 m.p.h. notice, temperatures of the 30's in the north bay. and as we go through the day the sunshine will warm things up. with mid-50s. not as warm as what we have seen. but we will have some warmer weather as we go for next week. fire crews in fairfield are working to remove debris from the exterior of a comedy club following a five alarm fire that broke out last night. firefighters battled heavy smoke and flames for nearly four hours.while police evacuated people inside the
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building. no one was hurt. officials hope to reopen texas street this evening. the investigation into what caused the fire will resume on monday. >> the "stomach bug" is spreading again in the u-s. if someone you know is suffering from severe upset stomach, diarrhea and fatigue, it could be a case of "noro-virus". lisa sylvester explains why this illness is a bit tougher than your standard >> reporter: the norovirus -- you might have heard of it before. there have been several major outbreaks on cruise ships in recent years. the norovirus --in layman's terms - is a stomach bug. we are at the height of a new season with a new strain. the norovirus is spread through food or drink that has been contaminated. you can also get it if you touch a contaminated
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surface or object and then put your hand to your mouth. symptoms include abdominal cramps, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and fatigue. it hits you all of a's explosive. >> "it's very contagious. there are multiple epidemics of it. other than cleaning the areas, there's not a whole lot people can do about it." >> "the norovirus is so contagious because it's so hardy. your typical hand sanitizer. that alone is not going to do it. your typical disinfecting wipe to wipe down surfaces. normally that would be fine, for instance with the flu virus. not the case with the norovirus. what you really need to do is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. and when you wipe down surfaces, make sure you
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deaths in the us. >> "it's so infectious and requires such a low concentration of virus, it's rapidly spread through a population. that's why you see outbreaks on cruise ships, in dormitories, in places where people are in close contact with one another." top 5 ways of protecting cdc. wash your hands often wash fruits and vegetables cook shellfish thoroughly clean surfaces and wash soiled laundry and when you're sick don't prepare food, or care for others >> in other health news. an advisory panel is asking the f-d-a to put tighter restrictions on hydrocodone. that's an ingredient found in many prescription
8:40 pm
painkiller drugs, such as vicodin. if adopted.the recommendation would label hydrocodone as a drug with high abuse potential. drugs like oxycodone and morphine are already classified under this label. the f-d-a has not said whether it will act on the recommendation. >> stan musial is being remembered as a hall of famer both on and off the baseball field. today a two hour funeral service was held for stan the man in saint louis where he played 22 years for the cardinals. throughout his career musial earned three m-v-p awards while leading the cardinals to three world series titles. jwwñ
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>> tide detergent is being targeted by thieves in colorado. now, supermarkets in the area are stepping up their security. police say this surveillance camera caught one man making off with a stolen cart-load full of detergent. a grocery store spokesperson says the crooks sell the detergent on the black market -- like at a laundromat -- to turn a profit. to combat the problem.colorado supermarkets are installing more surveillance cameras and hiring undercover security. >> the online hacking group anonymous says it is "declaring war" on the u-s
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government after hacking the federal sentencing commission's website overnight. the group is demanding the u-s reform its justice system. a long threat note, youtube video and a list of files named after u-s supreme court justices were posted on the site taken over by the group. anonymous is believed to be a collective of so-called "hacktivists" who oppose attempts to limit internet freedoms. the note expressed anger over the death of internet activist aaron swartz, who committed suicide on januaryswartz was facing criminal charges related to a hacking case when he died. >> now to a story that's got our newsroom a buzz. you might be missing some money.and not even know it! there is roughly *58- billion dollars* in unclaimed money and property. sitting in treasuries all over the country. the national association of unclaimed property administrators says, most of it is held by states. these funds come from forgotten bank accounts, stock holdings, pensions and life insurance payouts. you may want to take a look at the online www-dot-unclaimed-dot-org one person in connecticut claimed nearly 33- million dollars from an old stock sale! here in the newsroom. one producer found 800 dollars.
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temperatures were a little bit cooler.
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gabe slate tech report >> one of the challenges with face is what to do with those pictures on our smart phone. if some you have shared through social media. it is difficult to delete them. however, you can try this new application it is easy to do something with these pictures that are on your phone. it is called postal pix it is a photo
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printing service. it is more economical than retail. they are shipped to you within just a couple of these. they have options that are designed to accommodate a square shape. i am holding some prince the quality is great. they do a nice job. they have a cool aluminum plate option. thus this a great frame option and this is a great option. gabe
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slate tech report >> with mostly clear skies. the wind has not been that bad. with 7 mi. per hour. mountain view, 53 degrees. the same in san francisco. fremont, fairfield mid-40s. clear skies and gusting winds. fast recall for tomorrow feet sunshine will remain with 20-30 m.p.h. as we go for a monday this week system that could bring some showers or sprinkles north of the golden gate otherwise for sun shining with a brisk wind. for the rest of the week plenty of sunshine and no storms. temperatures will
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gradually warming. for the sierras, showers on/off temperatures gradually warming to the next couple of days. temperatures in the 30's. opera 30's for pleasanton, concord, low 40's near the bay. not as warm as what we have seen a little bit cooler than what we saw today. mid-50s near santa clara, evergreen and highs in the mid '50s from concord, livermore. 50s by the bay and to near alameda. san francisco, but also the 50s and the same for the north bay. oakland san
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mateo here is a look ahead. if you like the sunshine there are seven different areas. for the next seven days. dry conditions and temperatures will be warming up. the highs will meech. 60s the highs will be nice. >> the highs >> the lines. >> this is the little san francisco restaurant. >> this is not only a beautiful bird but tasty. it is also the new bone
8:51 pm
appetit. michael worker told me about this. >> and also, my-co-worker told me about this. >> this is so much fun! and it is not taking food to serious. but it is fueled by the imagination. >> we like to eat. ricotta pancakes and a glass o dine and. and coming up next. san jose shark patrick marleau shot his way into the history books today. only the second time in n- h-l history. all that and more coming up after the break.
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>> movie time. a modern twist on a classic children's tale, takes hansel and gretel to the dark side. plus, a new film that will keep you guessing and laughing until the very last scene. here's a preview of this week's new releases in now showing. the "hansel and gretel" you know was only the beginning of the story. in "hansel and gretel witch hunters" the brother and sister duo made famous by the children's tale are all grown up and are on the hunt for witches. traveling the world to end evil.
8:55 pm
"hansel and gretel witch hunters" is rated pg-13. the cast list for "movie 43" reads like a who's who of hollywood. richard gere, elizabeth banks, gerard butler, emma stone, kate winslet, hugh jackman and kristen bell.just to name a few.appear in this unique film. it's composed of multiple inter-connected short films, chronicling three kids on a quest to find the most banned movie in the world. >> ra dare you to blow up those blind children scandal candles birthday candles when the cast is this large and the plot is so prepared for anything. "movie 43" is rated r. for now showing i'm martha shade. it's now official. j-j abrams will direct the newest installment of the
8:56 pm
star wars franchise set for release in 2015. disney released a statement last night confirming the rumors about abrams. the creator of the television series lost and director of the most recent star trek movie. the script for the newest star wars movie will come from toy story three writer michael arndt. star wars creator george lucas said that abrams is an ideal choice of director and that the star wars legacy couldn't be in better hands. patrick marleau became just the second player in n-h-l history to open the season with four straight mutli- goal games when the sharks hosted the visiting colorado avalanche earlier today. marleau scored twice on a power play in the first period to lead the san jose sharks to a four-to-nothing victory. according to the elias sports bureau you have to go all the way back to 1917 when ottawa's cy denneny opened the season with four multi-goal games. tomorrow the sharks host the vancouver cannucks with a chance to run their record to five-and-o. the golden state warriors were in action again tonight against the milwaukee bucks in the second game of a back to back.
8:57 pm
miami heat game yesterday. michael dyrsch sunk a half court shot and won 75 thousand dollars in the process. lebron james. who sponsered the event. watched from the side line. when dyrsch made the shot lebron couldn't help but run out onto the court and congradulate him. sending both of them crashing to the ground. dyrsch says that he practiced for about a week beforehand adding that he only made the shot once before. so what does he plan to do with all that money? dyrsch says it will go to paying off his debts.
8:58 pm
>> i know that you are excited about the weather. >> it is going to be a cooler and we will warm up. we do have some cooler temperatures. tomorrow looks nice. not exactly the warmest day but mid-50s. san francisco, oakland. livermore, 53 degrees. >> that is it for us. we will be back at 11.
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